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Ever noticed how some Ice Fishermen are more successful than others?

Posted: March 14, 2023

Preparing for success as an Artist

You first need to acquire the right tools, knowledge and skills, some of this is done through trial and error, but access to education with good mentorship is best and of course do good work.

Customers and collectors come in all sizes and experience levels so make sure you understand what you are looking for. If all you produce is small works you may be missing the opportunity to do larger more significant pieces that could move you to the next level.

Find and develop new markets rather than the same fishing spot. Use the skills that made you successful in waters you know to reach out to a new variety of art buyer. It can be as simple as joining a network that already has a market for you.

Artists in Canada already filters your viewers by Canadian Artist, Art type, subject and Disciplines etc. on Google searches, so you receive art related traffic that pertains specifically to you. Having over 80 different home pages allows us to present you locally and regionally on your own home page, as well as Nationally and Internationally. Your website will also be regularly indexed by Google when they come to AIC for new and updated content.

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Paul Constable, Director

Ice Shacks, Late Afternoon, 8x10, Oil on panel