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Artists in Canada National Pension Plan

This Pension Plan is for all Canadian Artists. Visual Artists, Musicians, Writers, Performance, Graphic, Web development and Film Artists. Commercial, Public Art Galleries and Art Resource businesses and their Staff are also eligible.

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The Artists in Canada National Pension Plan is managed for you individually by the Saskatchewan Pension Plan, now in it's 30th year. After doing the research and careful consideration, AIC decided this well managed and credible Pension Plan was the right fit for Canadian artists. It has produced excellent growth over the years and is now available for you as individuals to have your own plan under the Artists in Canada name. (AIC has no access to the financial aspects of your individual plan, nor do we receive referral fees or commissions). Your plan can follow you for life.


This is an actual 'Locked In' Pension Plan and is available to all Canadian Artists whether they are part time, emerging or professional artists. Canadian artists of all career levels and genres including; Visual, Audio, Musicians, Writers, Film and Performance can join the Artists in Canada National Pension Plan. Canadian Art Galleries and Gallery staff may also benefit from this.

what you want

This plan will give artists the security of knowing they will have a pension when they reach that time in their life and career. You can make contributions at a level you can afford, so It is best to start early in your career, but more importantly, you just need to start".

Artists in Canada contributes 10% to your Pension

Artists in Canada contributes 10% to AIC Members Pension Plans
As an AIC member, AIC will allocate 10% from online art sales made on your behalf and place it directly into your personal Artists in Canada National Pension Plan. This will give you 70% of the actual sale price including a Pension Plan. A Basic AIC Membership is required to take advantage of this 10% pension contribution, as well, receive all the other benefits of membership. Confirmation of your Pension Plan participation and a confirmed sales agreement with AIC must be in place prior to any consigned sales or contributions.

Tax Savings

It costs very little to start. Contribute what you can and receive the tax savings now – and the pension security when the time is right.

"On behalf of Artists in Canada, I am proud to help bring this product to Canadian artists. AIC doesn’t handle any of your Pension Plan Portfolios, nor do we make fees from referrals".

Full details of the Artists in Canada National Pension Plan is now available with links to our sign up page on the Saskatchewan Pension Plan website.

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Let the professions at SPP help you customize your Pension Plan.

Easy to start

STEP 1 - Fill out the request form online

STEP 2 - A confirmation will be sent to you. Download the writeable PDF, fill it out and sign it. There is a stamp attached (cut it out and glue onto an envelope)

STEP 3 - enclose cheque or indicate method of credit card payment and mail it. See how the PENSION PLAN can give you an income you can fall back on later in your life. It is a actual ‘Locked In’ Pension Plan, not just an RRSP that you can cash in at anytime. It is mangaged just like a company pension.

"I wish we would have done this years ago, but my wife and I started ours in 2015.
Paul Constable, Director Artists in Canada


Send SPP an email if you have questions about your particular situation.