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Cindy Revell

(Edmonton, AB)

Painting, Painting, Illustration, Folk Art, Landscape, Oil, Prints

A dreamer, Cindy’s imagination spills into her exuberant oil paintings. Her inquisitive birds, flowers and uncommonly coloured creatures fuse in a spirited mix that implies ‘what if’ and ‘anything is possible’.

Cindy paints in her country studio overlooking a flower filled yard. Her artistic life started as a child growing up in the country where there was plenty of time for drawing and dreaming. It morphed to illustrating magazines, children’s books, packaging, and painting commissioned furniture pieces.

Her focus turned to fine art with her whimsical work being carried in galleries in Canada and the US. She brings her fire for art to her weekly classes, workshops and Mastrius mentorship groups.
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Wisdom Speaks in Pink
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