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Alexandra Kavanagh

(Fort Mcmurray, AB)

Painting, Acrylic, Pen & Ink, Buildings, Cityscape, Machines

Alexandra Kavanagh is a Canadian artist, born and raised in the Laurentians of southern Quebec, Canada. She developed and honed her craft, primarily, while working in the oil sands of Fort McMurray, Alberta, over the past five years.

Her current work, which celebrates the industry, has strengthened her connection to it, fueling her desire to be a part of this snapshot, in the history of human ingenuity. Her capacity to pull beauty from her surroundings has brought on a shift in the perspective of both those who work there and those looking in.

Alexandra is a self-taught artist, who began her journey into art at a very young age. Her love of architecture translated into much of her time being spent drawing up fanciful floorplans and elevations.

After moving to Downtown Montreal, those sketches evolved into cityscapes, mechanical drafting and superhero art. Sometime, in her late twenties, these all began to merge into a style that became her own. Her application of vibrant colours and a little whimsy, to her structures, created lively landscapes that portrayed the world as she saw it.

In 2017, she found herself working in an oil refinery, no longer staring up at the architectural wonders of her past, but at imposing industrial structures. She painted them out of a need, to make sense of her own choices and find where she fit in. Somewhere along the line, others began appreciating her point of view. For the past year and a half, she has spent all her time, outside of work, throwing colour at it, in the hopes that it sticks, so that others may begin to see it as she does, and not always just as it is.

Her art is meant to be a reflection of how she sees the world; a beautiful, wonderful place, painted in vibrant colours.

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The Furnace
View from the top
North East
Cokers in Blue
Plant in Pieces
The Beast
Sunset Cokers