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Peter J Robichaud

(Halifax, NS)

Painting, Printmaking, Portrait, Realism, Acrylic

Peter has spent the majority of his life in one uniform or other - from Beavers and Scouts to Air Cadets, and finally a nearly three-decade career with the Canadian military. He has extensive operational experience with all elements- air, land, sea, and the Special Forces.

Peter's passion for aviation began at a very young age in Chatham, New Brunswick with its nearby air base providing an endless source of inspiration. After flying with gliders, Cessnas, and other military airframes as an Air Cadet, his dream was to pursue a career as an Air Force pilot. Unfortunately, lack of the required perfect vision prevented this. In 1986, a chance conversation led him to discover, somewhat reluctantly, the world of Army tanks, which shortly after became his career until 2004 when he transferred to the Canadian Forces Intelligence Branch.

Peter has been painting since he was about twelve years old and with the exception of various deployments and duties at home and abroad with the Army, has never put the brushes down. His paintings are defined by a meticulous attention to detail of his subjects, which include aviation, portraiture, animals, various military subjects, and abstract pieces. He has produced numerous commissions for military units and personnel, as well as private individuals throughout the country and internationally. He has had art shows at museums and other locations throughout the Maritimes.

He is currently the artist in residence for the 5th Canadian Division, CFB Shearwater Aviation Museum, and The Royal Artillery Park Officer’s Mess and is a featured artist at The Halifax Citadel Army Museum.

Peter’s preferred medium is acrylics and he paints from his home studio in Halifax. He is currently working on subjects for a book series on Canadian Forces jet powered fighter aircraft, is producing commissions for the Air Force, Army, and Navy, and works on other non-aviation related art subjects.

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