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Jodie Dansereau

(Kelowna, BC)

Painting, Photography, Mixed Media, Wildlife, Landscape

Located in the Southern interior of British Columbia, in the beautiful town of Lake Country BC, Jodie Dansereau can be found most days in her home studio/gallery. Dansereau's focus of interest is primarily based in the natural world and the wildlife that live in it. Painting since the age of 12, and drawing even earlier, Dansereau has always been working on fine tuning her craft. Today, Dansereau's works of art have been purchased world wide. Offering workshops and lessons from her studio/gallery fulfills the teaching side which Dansereau has also done in her past.

Not only a wildlife artist, Dansereau is also a conservationist, raising funds for organizations such as Ol' Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya Africa. Where she had the privilege and honor of visiting in 2018. Ol' Pejeta is the home to the last two remaining Northern White Rhino's in the entire world. When Dansereau was there she was able to witness the last remaining male of these species, named Sundan. He died a month later. Dansereau continues to use her art for conservation awareness.

In 2018, Dansereau was also the recipient for the Ducks Unlimited Portfolio Artist, her painting, 'Head Above Water,' went on to raise thousands of dollars for wetland conservation.
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Legacy & Hope - J-Pod Orcas
Head Above Water
Tranquility - Common Murre