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Nath Artist Canada

(Kelowna, BC)

Drawing, Painting, Photography, Mixed Media, Jewelry, Portrait, Wildlife, Abstract, Sports

"In creating art, I like to entertain and engage my audience"

Nath (pronounced "Nat") is a Canadian Multidisciplinary Artist.

Fine Art Paintings, Casual Jewellery and Digital Art Photography are the disciplines she enjoys creating in.

Nath was exposed to all sort of Art forms and Artists from a very young age. She was dragged around Museums, Public and Private Art Galleries and Art markets on a regular basis, mainly through Paris.

Painters such as Picasso, Miro, Cocteau, Matisse, Dali, Architects such as Le Corbusier and extremely creative artisans were part of her up bringing.

​Consequently, the Artist in her blossomed early with a strong love of drawing and she still remembers using her school notebooks as “canvasses” to pass the long hours of class.

Being a self-taught artist, Nath relies purely on her imagination.

Her work has been displayed in solo and group shows. Some of her artwork resides in private collections in Canada and France.

Nath’s curiosity for the world drove her to travel throughout Europe, North Africa and North America. She also lived in various European and Canadian cities providing her with an intimate exposure to many forms of Art.

Heavily influenced by the Art of these diverse cultures, Nath developed her own recognizable style which represents her multi-country-city life and to which people from many different origins can relate.

Nath is fully devoted to creating and accepts commissioned work requests for paintings and jewellery.

She now lives in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

You can contact Nath in English or French via her website.

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