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L'OR (Louise P) Rouleau

(Longueuil, QC)

Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media, Abstract, Figure

L’OR Artiste peintre

Born in Montreal, L'OR studies Art and Graphic Design at Concordia University. All her career is based on her passion for research.  ''Résolument unique '' , her paintings provoke a reaction. There is too  much in her work that can be captured in a photo. The holographic effects of  her painting changes with the viewers perspective.

All her works begin with an abstract background. Her subjects reveal themselves as she applies multi-layers of color.  Her imagnation suggest her subjects, allowing  viewers to add their interpretation.  Without being redundant, visceral, intuitive, and instinctive are terms that can be used to describe her approach.

''I offend some without regret or apology. I believe that pastel is a medium and not a technique and use the medium in innovative manners, to the displeasure of the traditionalist. I say with pride that I am a mixed media artist.''

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