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Arnold A. Burrell

Arnold Burrell painted for 5 decades and though he has passed away, Artists in Canada is proud to present him in our Premium Members gallery of artists. Those museums and public institutions looking for a a key acquisition for their collection, please reach out and we will connect you to his biographer and archivist entrusted with this collection.

“I recognized at once a powerful talent and achievement. Burrell had continued painting, but in remote hinterlands of the country and seems to have refused to make his work known in the metropolis. Had he done so he would have been recognized long ago as a major figure in Canadian art. I see him as an unknown talent awaiting discovery – an individual voice “crying in the wilderness” – who willfully rejected recognition by an art market seduced by fashions and movements he would have nothing to do with.”

Joseph Plaskett

Arnold A. Burrell

Painting, Drawing, Painting, Landscape, Abstract, Figure, Acrylic, Graphite, Oil

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A-4 Stark Abstract
Untitled C-2