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Wendy Duffield

(North Saanich, BC)

Artisan, Painting, Sculpture, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Recycled, Wearable Art, Collage

Wendy completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the University of Alberta. After living over 20 years in Australia, where she studied jewellery making and silversmithing, she returned to Vancouver Island.


Wendy's artwork has been called wonderfully charming, intriguing, unique, and enigmatic. Her work includes handmade, one of kind jewellery, wearable books, collage, and small objects and sculptures - inspired by and incorporating mementos, ephemera, relics, and artifacts.


Each of her pieces will take you on a journey, just as she has undertaken a journey in creating them. Her earlier series “Collage Girls – The Class of 1928” explored the lives and careers of 20th Century women. Her mixed media series called “She liked to play games - ” presents women’s garments altered to represent various games, for example: chess, monopoly, poker, and dominos. Most recently she has been creating sculptures from paper clay and found objects.


She collects a wide range of discarded treasures: needlework, photographs, machinery parts, furniture hardware, books, stamps, jewellery, dinnerware, all manner of finely made old objects, and gives them context and importance in a new way.


Her art can be found in in private collations in Australia, South Africa, Italy, USA and Canada. You are invited to contact her to discuss commissioning artwork incorporating your own photos and keepsakes.


She facilitates art classes for children and adults through Magnolia Art Studio in North Saanich. Contact her by email for more information: [email protected]

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