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Oded And Pamela Ravek

(Ottawa, ON)

Artisan, Installation, Painting, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Glass, Abstract, Floral, Still Life

Majestic and mysterious... the primal power of the ocean is enchanting to Oded and Pamela. Incorporating the organic, curving plane of a wave in the work Oded and Pamela design has been a natural evolution as they are deeply connected to bodies of water, places of joyful memories that dates from their childhoods, albeit in different parts of the world.

“The spectacular hues of the ocean and its life-giving, breathtaking force is a great influence on our work...meditative, beautiful, and immensely powerful. A day, even an hour spent by water, whether the thunder of waterfalls, glistening mist lit by the sun, or contemplating indigo blue ocean waves imbues us with tremendous strength and inspiration.”

Oded and Pamela consult on design and create custom glass art commissions that range from tile surrounds and vessel sinks to furniture, wall art, sculptures, windows and doors, and large architectural glass art sculpture installations.

The Raveks are expert at transforming a concept into a splendid focal point that will enhance any environment. Sculptural wall art, grand entrance doorways, glass art groupings lit with LEDs. Handcrafted. Special editions. New collections. Each work of their art is an original.
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HARMONY Sculpture
MUSE Grand Entry Door and Sidelights
CORFU Sculpture