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Douglas Squarek

Douglas is an accomplished Canadian sculptor. He creates portrait, figurative, and abstract sculptures in stone and bronze. His “color sculpted” digital creations are dyesublimation on aluminum. He has completed public and private commissions and his works have sold both nationally and internationally. His limited-edition art series and commissioned work cover a broad range of subjects; wildlife, allegorical, portrait, and abstract.

He started sculpting in 1970 using Canadian Serpentine stone he found in Northern Quebec. These pieces formed a foundation and working knowledge of stone. In 2005 he began sculpting clay-to-bronze and you can see his pieces in this gallery. His more recent foray into "colour-sculpted" Digital Fine Art on aluminum began in 2012. Digital is a highly scaleable medium and douglas' works can be sized to fit most situations.

Douglas recently moved from the West Coast to Quebec City and plans to further his artistic pursuits on a full time basis in that artistically inspiring environment.

You can learn more about his work at the link provided.

Douglas Squarek

Sculpture, Painting, Sculpture, Jewelry, Digital, Portrait, Abstract, Bronze, NFTs, Stone, Wildlife, Landscape, Seascapes, Portrait, Abstract

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Majestic. Sculpture, Limited Edition 25, 16" Tall, Bronze with Patina, $3,500
Stormy Weather
Oyster Catchers
Forest's Edge
Blue Rocks