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Lindsay Embree

(Saskatoon, SK)

Printmaking, Mixed Media, Craft, Textiles

I am a printmaking artist with 25 years of experience in stone, plate and waterless lithography, etching, silk screening and relief printing. My involvement with theatre and the craft community has led me to extend these skills into surface designs for fabric. I also produce hand-dyed fabric using the Eco-Colour Dye method. I've recently been working with natural indigo. Over the past 10 years I became increasingly involved with administrative duties. In 2011 I joined the Emma International Collaboration, initially as a Resource Artist (Printmaking) and then as a Committee Member (2013 ). and then a Board Member (2019). I was also on the Board of the Jack Millikin Centre, a multipurpose arts building in the boreal forest of Northern Saskatchewan. In 2013, 2015 and 2017 I co-produced the Saskatchewan Wearable Art Gala (SWAG), and in 2019 I produced "Ancient Elements", a flamenco performance that melded original music and poetry, dance and wearable art. All the costumes were created using my hand dyed silk.

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18th Century Ball Gown