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Deborah Carew

(Toronto, ON)

Painting, Drawing, Illustration, Web Design, Portrait, Landscape, Figure, Oil, Watercolour, Landscape, Portraits

Deborah has been fortunate to be involved in the arts most of her working life. She uses a variety of mediums.

International Recognition

In 2014 Deborah received international recognition and publication for her paintings from as far as away as New York City, Miami, Florida, and Florence, Italy. Three works appeared in Art Tour International Magazine's Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art. She received an invitation into 2015's edition, as well. One work called "Broom" received Honourable Mention.

Another painted work, "Leave a Light On", won First Place at the Buckhorn Art Festival. It  has hung beside such noted international artists as Robert Bateman, Michael Dumas, and others.

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William Morris Lap Quilt
Cherry Tweet Red and White Quilt
Appliqued Star Blue and Gold
Solve a Mystery with Nancy Drew Lap Quilt
Traditional Style Pillow Covers, each
Channel Quilted Pillow Covers

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