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Michelle Montague

(Toronto, ON)

Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media, Landscape, Abstract, Acrylic, Oil

Michelle Montague is a mixed media artist based in Toronto, Canada. Drawing and painting for nearly 20 years, Michelle spent her formative years in Edmonton and Windsor before returning to Toronto in 1996. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Ontario College of Arts and Design (now OCADU). Michelle has exhibited in the Greater Toronto Area in galleries and public spaces such as Gallery 1313, The Papermill Gallery, Metro Hall and the Mississauga Heritage Centre. Michelle’s work has also exhibited in Montreal at the Le Canal Gallery – Montreal Art Centre.

Michelle’s work involves themes about Nature, life energy and the process of rejuvenation. Her current body of work explores the experience and understanding of these themes.
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Poppies at sunset
The sand beneath my feet
A day at the beach
The stillness of night
A world asleep