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Jodie Blaney

(Vancouver, BC)

Painting, Graphic, Landscape, Abstract

Artist Statement...

“I strive to move beyond realism when I paint. As I create, I draw on imagination and memory and let the Canadian landscape unfold on my canvas with both real and imagined elements. My joy and challenge as an artist lies in striking a harmonious balance between realism and abstraction. My expressionist work reflects a stylized approach and features bold colours and whimsical compositions. With each painting, I seek to express a perfect moment in nature that speaks deeply to the viewer -- a meditative place that resides between energy and movement, stillness and quiet. I am drawn to these ever present elements in the landscape."


Canadian landscape painter Jodie Blaney received visual arts training from Emily Carr University of Art & Design (Vancouver) and has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of British Columbia. Over the past several years, she has participated in numerous art workshops, exhibits and events. For the past decade, Canadian-born artist Jodie Blaney's recognizable painting style has won praise from gallery owners and collectors alike who are drawn to her vibrant colours, rhythmical compositions and strong forms. Artistic influences include Canadian artists Lawren Harris, A. J. Casson and Emily Carr, and Cubist expressionism as reflected in the works of Picasso, Cezanne and Braque.

Prior to becoming a painter, Jodie spent over a decade in the Canadian publishing industry which gave her an opportunity to travel extensively from coast to coast, experiencing the beauty of Canada firsthand. She has completed many private commissions and her artwork is collected in Canada and abroad. Her home studio and gallery space is located a short drive from Vancouver, British Columbia on the west coast of Canada. Jodie is a self-representing artist and an Active Member with the Federation of Canadian Artists. She was recognized as a "Top Artist to Watch" in ArtTour International magazine (Summer, 2018).

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Autumn Canyon
Winter LIght
Going with the Flow
Rock and Flow
Late Autumn, Salt Spring Island
Winter's Beacon