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Janna Kumi

Sitka Portrait

Sitka Portrait

A detailed look at Sitka spruce bark. Sitka spruce grows to almost 100 m tall along the wet coastal regions of British Columbia. The trunks are huge and covered with thick blankets of moss and lichens which effectively hide the bark . I find the best bark characteristic of the species comes from 35 -50-year-old trees in neighbors yards. This tree grows a few blocks from my home. This work is protected by a custom-made, shadow box frame made from Canadian red oak from Ontario stained with a grey-brown tint. The drawing is protected by several layers of casein fixative and five layers of beeswax. Surface can be gently cleaned by a moist cloth. Stunning and unique drawing.

Medium(s): Pen & Ink
Dimensions (H = Top to bottom) X (W = Left to right) X (D = Thick)
Artwork: 24" x 12" x 2"
Packaged: 26" x 14" x 3"
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Living on the edge of the forest in Temiscaming, the red fox is a frequent visitor. When they pause, it is an opportunity to capture a still moment. The red fox is a particular favorite for its grace and agility.  
Shipping: $50
On the Move
Joanne Abbott
16" x 20"
Arctic fox lives in the Arctic and The Northern Boreal Forest. This photo was purchased from Reference photos for wildlife artists although I did manage to take some photos while visiting the Eco Museum Zoo in Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Montreal. Shipping: $50
Lady: Portrait of an Arctic Fox
Joanne Abbott
20" x 16"
Wandering the trails near me in Hamilton Ontario. There are so many views to paint. Shipping: $25
Marsh Walk
JudyBlue Anderson
12.5" x 12.5"
Little Qualicum Falls on Vancouver Island. Above the cascade lies a golden pool so clear you can see the layers of rock beneath the surface. Here the water is bathed in light just before it tumbles over the edge as a roaring waterfall. Located off Hwy 4 where Cameron Lake empties into the Little Qualicum River. In 1940 the park was established to protect the old growth Douglas Fir forest and the riverbanks alongside the falls. Free Shipping
Pool of Light
Rosemarie Armstrong
12" x 12"
May 25 2023 the Cameron Peak Range 'peeking' out in the distance near Walden Colorado.  The clouds sweeping on an
upward trajectory in late afternoon. This is a rugged windy landscape within the Rocky Mountain Range,
a wide expanse of sagebrush flats where the climate is semi-arid/ subalpine.
Originally settled during the Gold Rush, cattle ranching and agriculture are now dominant industries. It is a thinly populated region which draws nature and outdoor enthusiasts for its scenery and wildlife including moose, elk, wolves and a wide range of bird species.
(Price includes HST and shipping within Canada) Free Shipping
Cloudburst Over Cameron Range
Rosemarie Armstrong
12" x 12"
Golden Silence 2 is a luminescent painting of a river bend at golden hour in the moody tonalist style. Painting continued on edges. Not framed. Free Shipping
Golden Silence
Virginia Bergmann
12" x 12"
Harmonious shades of evening hues lend a contemplative mood to this peaceful landscape.
Framed in black and gold 3" wood frame Free Shipping
Evening Harmony
Virginia Bergmann
18.5" x 31"
This scene is so typical of the Alberta landscape during harvest time. Shipping: $35
The Lure of the Prairies
Suzan Berwald
11" x 14"
The is an abstracted interpretation of a country road I drive every day in rural Alberta. Shipping: $35
Roadside View
Suzan Berwald
12" x 12"
I created this artwork after seeing Kinky Boots at the Mirvish theatre in Toronto. I loved the show and came home and painted 4 boots! The show had the UK flag on one of their kinky boots so I thought, why not design a Canadian flag version. I entered this painting into a fan art contest at Mirvish. I am happy to say that I was one of the winners and my painting was displayed on the Princess of Wales marquee during the pandemic! This painting is framed in a floating black frame.  Shipping: $50
Canadian Kinky Boot
Laurel Best
40cm x 32.5cm
Sparkle Kinky Boot was one of the boots at the Toronto production of Kinky Boots. I love the theatre and Kinky Boots is my favourite production! After watching the show I came home and painted this boot and added actual sparkles to the heel adding a fun mixed media element. It is framed in a floating black frame. Shipping: $50
Sparkle Kinky Boot
Laurel Best
40cm x 32.5cm
Krishna with a flute is a Hindu god of compassion protection and love. This Indian wall art  is handmade with das  airdry clay on canvas. The abstract acrylic background features peacock feather which signifies  pure . The wall art is painted and coated with resin to seal the art. Free Shipping
Indian art- Krishna with a flute
Meera Bhaskaran
40cm x 30cm
Radha is a goddess of wealth beauty and prosperity. This Indian wall art is handmade with das airdry clay on canvas. The abstract acrylic background features peacock feather which signifies  pure. The wall art is painted and coated with resin to seal the art. Free Shipping
Indian art- Radha
Meera Bhaskaran
40cm x 30cm
Abstract:  Mixed Media on Canvas Shipping: $25
Cathy Bible
36" x 30"
Abstract piece using mixed media on canvas. Shipping: $35
Cathy Bible
24" x 48"
Asian lilies on one stem painted plein air in Kingsbrae Gardens in St Andrews. Comes matted and framed. Size includes the mats painting is 14x18 Plain black 2 inch frame. Free Shipping
Purity in White
Jocelyn Bichard
28" x 23"
Watercolour painting of a beautiful old hotel in the heart of Paris . Free Shipping
Hotel Sofitel in Paris
Jocelyn Bichard
10" x 8"
Inspired by a photo I took, driving east from Lacombe, Alberta, to my home in the Hamlet of Mirror, located on the rolling prairie.  It is made with self-dyed and commercial cottons,  using applique and quilting. Shipping: $50
It's Still About the Sky
Margaret Blank
23.5" x 27.5"
Inspired by the aspen growing at the side of the fields near my home, this piece was my final submission for my City & Guilds of London Level 2 Certificate in 2012. It uses applique and quilting; its textures have been created with recycled fabric,  mixed media and handstitch. Shipping: $50
Margaret Blank
25" x 17"