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Artists In Canada Interviews Encaustic Painter Kathy Bradshaw

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This week on "Canadian Art Today with Paul Constable," we celebrate the remarkable journey of Kathy Bradshaw, a Saskatoon-based artist whose transition from a high school Phys. Ed. teacher to a renowned Canadian artist and art educator is a source of inspiration. Kathy's passion for art was ignited after completing her first painting at 40, leading her to pursue and complete her B.F.A. with Great Distinction at the University of Saskatchewan in 2005. Her commitment to enhancing her artistic practice through workshops, mentorships, and exhibitions across North America has not only garnered her numerous awards but also led her to be named “A Saskatchewan Artist to Watch” in 2019. Kathy's work, represented in galleries across Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan, and included in collections worldwide, is a testament to her dedication to her craft and her ability to pursue her life’s passion daily.


Here is the link to the Interview.


Dive into the heart of Kathy Bradshaw's creative process, where the use of expressive mark-making, color, texture, and light brings her art to life. Discover how she favors oil for its vibrant texture and encaustic for its enigmatic qualities, employing a layered approach that incorporates various mediums to add depth and narrative to her pieces. Experience the excitement of encaustic painting, a technique that involves molten wax and open flame, and learn how Kathy's process-driven, multi-layered approach captures the essence of her subjects. Join us as Kathy shares the profound connection she has with Canada's rugged natural beauty, from the quiet moments spent in the wilderness to the rush of translating these experiences into art that radiates joy, hope, and light. "Embracing the Elements: Kathy Bradshaw's Artistic Journey" is an invitation to explore the soulful landscapes and life forms that inspire one of Canada's most passionate artists.

Posted: 2024-03-21
Location: Saskatoon, SK

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