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Member's Showcase

This Member's Showcase features Artists in Canada's Active Membership who are dedicated to producing new artwork and crafts. Find Canadian art from paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolour, as well as mixed media, photography, drawings, prints, sculpture, ceramics, wood working and jewelry. Pay no commissions. All transactions are with the artist unless represented by Artists in Canada. Prices are the same as dealing with the artist.

" Passionate Red Roses"
Size: H.4 x W.3'
Medium(s): Oil
Marilyn Mylrea
$3800 CAD

Sask Sentinel
Size: 24x48 inches
Medium(s): Mixed Media Abstract
Mitch Babin
$825 CAD
Prairie Secrets
Size: 24x48 inches
Medium(s): Abstract Mixed Media
Mitch Babin
$825 CAD
Generations Totem
Size: 11 x 3 x 2
Medium(s): Bronze
Susan Stromberg
$2400 CAD
Thoughts Within
Size: 49 x 22 x 16
Medium(s): Bronze
Susan Stromberg
$14500 CAD
Tidal Offerings
Size: 48"x40"
Medium(s): Oil Mixed Media
Bridget Aitken
$3500 CAD
Take Off
Size: 48"x60"
Medium(s): Mixed Media Oil
Bridget Aitken
$4600 CAD
She Sells Sea Shells
Size: 36"x36"
Medium(s): Oil
Bridget Aitken
$3600 CAD
Just What I Needed
Size: 24 x 48 inches
Medium(s): Abstract
Loretta Kaltenhauser
$2320 CAD
Pretty Posy
Size: 20" x 20"
Medium(s): Abstract Oil
Bridget Aitken
$750 CAD