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Artists In Canada Interview Anne Simmie paints old trucks

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This week on Canadian Art Today I have an insightful conversation with the talented Anne Simmie about her love of painting the personalities of old cars and trucks. Anne is an accomplished artist who paints in acrylic on canvas, focusing on the details of the natural world and the charm of elder vehicles slowly returning to the earth.

In this episode, Anne shares her unique perspective on blending the beauty of nature with the rustic appeal of aged automobiles. Her artwork, which she describes as "landscape adjacent," captures the intricate interplay between man-made machines and their inevitable journey back to nature. Don't miss this captivating discussion as we explore the intersection of automotive enthusiasm and artistic expression. Tune in, subscribe, and be inspired by the amazing stories and creations we uncover.

Here's the interview link

Posted: 2024-05-24
Location: Saskatoon, SK

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