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Artists In Canada Interview Laurel Best paints Wild Things

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This week, I interview the talented watercolour artist, Laurel Best as she discusses her recent works she refers to them as 'Wild Things'. Here's the link for the interview.

live -

Laurel Best began her artistic journey with watercolours as a hobby, taking lessons from Wilma Stammler to hone her skills. By 2012, Laurel was not only proficient but also teaching at the Oakville Art Society. The pandemic saw her pivot to teaching via Zoom, continuing to share her passion for art. Her dedication led her to the One Of A Kind show, where her Wild Thing collection garnered attention. After a waitlist stint in Winter 2022, Laurel's perseverance paid off with her acceptance into the Spring show.

In this insightful interview, Laurel shares her artistic journey, unique techniques, and the inspiration behind her stunning wildlife portraits. Discover how she prepares her materials, markets her artwork, and contributes to wildlife conservation. Whether you're an aspiring artist or an art enthusiast, this episode valuable tips and an inside look into the life of a dedicated watercolor artist.

Posted: 2024-06-14
Location: Toronto, ON

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