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Artists In Canada Interview Blake Ward & Boky Hackel Ward team sculptors

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This week on Canadian Art Today, hosted by Paul Constable, we are thrilled to present an in-depth interview with the renowned artist Blake Ward and his wife, Boky Hackel. Blake Ward's work, inspired by the grace and symmetry of classical realism, delves into an irresistible alchemy of sensuality and sentiment. His art explores a form of beauty that is sometimes distorted by our inner demons and other times enchanted by the purity within our souls. Over time, three distinct bodies of work have emerged from this figurative heritage, each offering timeless commentaries on the human condition.

The Fragments Collection decries the explosive remnants of war, reflecting on a century of continuous conflict in our civilization. This poignant series highlights the destruction and lingering impacts of warfare, urging viewers to reflect on the cost of human strife. The ReThink Series continues this activist thread, challenging the conservative values that lead to discrimination and injustice. It's a powerful call for societal change, inviting us to reconsider our prejudices and norms.

Finally, the Spirits series explores the materialization of bodies that crystalize before us, expanding the classical figure by exposing an internal landscape. These works highlight the strength of our embodied humanity, encased in multi-layered shells that we create to identify and protect ourselves. Within these layers lies an abstraction of the figure, symbolizing our spirit and its renewed relationship with the human form. These artworks encourage viewers to look inside themselves, fostering a conscious communication between our exterior identity and the internal landscape of our soul and self.

Boky Hackel's artistic journey, deeply influenced by the interplay between abstraction and objectivity, adds another layer of depth to this discussion. Her work is a testament to the immaterial world that exists beyond the obvious. Inspired by Mikhail Larionov's words to Natalia Goncharova in 1900, "Open your eyes to your eyes," Boky’s work and her collaborative journey with Blake reflect a lyrical partnership that passes through all stages of love and artistic development. Her sensibilities, shaped by a life lived in a conceptual world where abstraction and form battle with linguistic and philosophical ideas, result in an ephemeral body of work that challenges viewers to see beyond surface appearances.

Join us as we delve into the profound and thought-provoking art of Blake Ward and Boky Hackel, exploring themes that resonate deeply with our shared human experience.

Posted: 2024-05-30
Location: Edmonton, AB

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